New Product Update                   4/20/2013
Try PowerService Fuel Cleaner;
works great on gasoline or diesel
Great for Ethanol-gas reverse phase separation.
When you purchase our Starter
or Alternator, you get  FREE
Roadside Assistance Service.
Information is attached to each
unit.    Check it out !!!
Belt Noise? Simple Test!
Spray water on belt near noise.
If it goes away, then returns, it indicates
a belt mis-alignment problem.
If the noise is more pronounced, it
incidates a tension problem. 
Get your ATV parts Here!!
The FJC Spring Order is Here!!
New this year is R134a with UV dye.
also, R134a in smaller 8 oz. cans for
small capacity systems.
General Motors requires a new oil
for their 2011 vehicles. Call us for
more information on this product.
PHASER 3000  Treats Ethanol
Improves Engine Performance
Controls WATER in your Fuel
with Phase Separation Reversal
Yep !! We Got It in Stock.
We also have Power Blend for Diesel
Increases mpg or your money back.

Call us for information on Standard's
new Ottotest diagonstic system
We are now stocking parts for ATV's. Give us
a call for your 4-Wheeler parts and Save $'s
We now have Alternator DeCoupler Pulleys in
Stock. You don't have to buy the complete alternator
just to replace the pulley. Call us for more info. 
Want to know more about our epart catalog?
Contact Chase Brown at
He will be glad to set up an appointment with you
to go over our ePart catalog program and explain
all the features.
Anco has a wiper blade designed for the rear window.
We have all of the numbers in stock now. You will find
the applications in the ePart catalog.
New Hand Cleaner in stock.. We now stock
Coco-Scrub Hand Cleaner by the makers
of Spray-Nine.  You're gonna like this
product. It's a lot eaiser on the hands than
petro-based hand cleaners.  SPN-14104
Call us for more informaton and pricing.
Want to know more about ADP pulleys?
We now have info from Gates. Just click on
the Gates ADP link in our ePart catalog under
HotLinks  or call us and we will be glad to answer
your questions
We are now stocking the new Stretch-Fit belts
that have a special cord allowing them to be used
without a belt tensioner. They will have a SF suffix
ie K030195-SF.  Call us for more info on these.
Don't forget to change the Vacuum oil in your
air cond vacuum pump. Use FJC-2200
We now have Lucas DEEP CLEAN Fuel system
cleaner in  stock. Also cleans the combustion
chamber. Part # 10512
Gates has a web site  designed to inform you about
how to test the new belts for wear. In epart catalog,
click on the top tab "New..Gates Wear Guide" This
will take you directly to the site. The Video  will
 explain the procedures. We have a supply of test
 guides if you need one.
Dorman published a new handbook with their new
products this month. If you didn't get one, call us and
we will get one to you. I will list the parts that will be
stocked as they arrive.  Stay Tuned.
 The Phillips Crystal Vision bulbs are now in stock.
Replacements available for 9003 thru 9008 numbers.
Kits contain two powerful xeon bright bulbs that gives
great night vision over oem bulbs.  # 9003CVS2  You can also
use our ePart-Stock-Check tab to 0rder or get an estimate.
For your cost on the Carter Fuel Pump Tester,
Go to the Non-Catalog section of ePart and click on FUEL-Tools
For information on the  CV1000  click on HOT LINKS on
the left hand side of your ePart catalog when     
YOU WILL ENTER OUR HOME PAGE.... This page will keep you informed on any new
products that we will be stocking....Check it often !!!